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Turning Loners Into Leaders

Why do some children shy away from participating in activities? It’s certainly not because they lack the ability to kick a ball or skills to raise their hand in class. Shyness and a lack of self confidence force children onto the sidelines and away from the action. Children who fail…Read More

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Keeping Kids on Track

Everyone likes to be asked to do something, not always told to do so. The same goes for children. At our schools, we tell our martial arts instructors that sometimes, in order to get the kids to practice on their own or to always use their best technique, they should…Read More

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What Are Martial Arts Values?

When we talk about teaching martial arts values we are referring to the traditional values of respect, honor, integrity, loyalty and the development of other personal attributes such as humility, maturity, a disciplined character and inner peace.These are the elements that combine to form a solid foundation from which to…Read More

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Key Elements of Physical Fitness

The idea of physical fitness may conjure up visions of workouts at the gym or an early morning run for most adults. But for children fitness and exercise really means playing and being active in all their activities. In effect, children are exercising any time they are participating in sports,…Read More

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Benefits of Physical Fitness

As parents we want to encourage our children to make physical fitness and healthy activity a daily priority. Like a healthy diet, adequate sleep and good hygiene, physical activity should be a routine part of their daily lives. All the experts agree that regular physical activity has significant health benefits….Read More

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Helping Your Child Get Fit

Now what, you ask? I understand that physical fitness is a critical element of my child’s well being and happiness. But how can I motivate them to get off the couch and get active? The following tips can assist you in helping your child to make lasting lifestyle changes that…Read More

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Fitness and Good Health

Fitness has been shown to be the most important lifestyle factor for good health. Many health experts believe increasing physical activity and exercise is an almost magic elixir for improved well being. Yet, despite the proven health and psychological benefits of increased fitness, a large percentage of the population does…Read More

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