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Avoiding Peer Pressure

Do you worry that your child might be saying “yes” when he or she should be saying “no?” A child needs tremendous strength and good character to avoid the dangers and temptations that young people encounter in today’s society. If you suspect your child is in with the wrong crowd,…Read More

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self-esteem, social skills

The ABCs of Social Skills

Learning how to get along with other people, developing what we call social skills, is necessary in order to become a functioning member of a family, a peer group or a classroom. This involves a process of trial and error that teaches our children to distinguish between self and others…Read More

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Praise First, Correct Next

Here’s a common mistake that teachers and parents make in their desire to help children do their very best: they offer “constructive criticism” right from the very beginning. This can make children feel they’re being criticized before anything else. However, if children hear praise first, they are much more willing…Read More

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Private Play That Can Prevent Public Misbehavior

Does your kid ever act-out in public? Does he or she have a special need, learning disability, or developmental disability? Young children with communications barriers, like autism or a hearing impairment, may act-out to communicate an unmet need. When a child can’t simply tell us verbally that they are tired,…Read More

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Why It Hurts to Be Shy

Children who are quiet and unassertive find it difficult to interact with both peers and adults. They can find themselves overlooked in both school and social settings. To “break out of their shells,” they must learn to build friendships and gain leadership skills – both essential qualities for personal development….Read More

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child fitness, martial arts, self-esteem

Fear of Failure

Is your child hesitant to try new things? Children can view new experiences as exciting challenges – or as insurmountable barriers. It’s all in the attitude. The fear of failure is a powerful deterrent to trying new things and gaining new skills. It contributes to feelings of low self-esteem. It…Read More

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confidence, self-esteem

Growing Stronger Character

What does it mean to grow strong character? In general, the term character, as applied to a person, is represented by the values and qualities that make us who we are, that shape our attitudes and behaviors. So, when we say that someone has a strong character, we mean that…Read More

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More Reflections on the Language of Discipline

If you have watched my video on How to Discipline and Correct Others, you know that effective discipline relies on a bottom-line principle: Use Your Language Disinterestedly! Disinterest means ‘without bias, open, flexible and neutral in tone or attitude.’ When you are angry at what your child did and you wish…Read More

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Why Self Discipline?

Why is self discipline so critical to your child’s development? Because, without the ability to use self discipline or willpower to delay gratification, your child will not develop the skills necessary to excel and to compete in an increasingly complex and competitive world. Everything in life takes work. Teaching our…Read More

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Key Behaviors for Self Discipline

We all want our children to possess the self discipline and self esteem to succeed and excel. We notice and appreciate the behaviors of well behaved and disciplined children and sometimes feel ill equipped to help our child to attain these skills. Though this development is vital its attainment is…Read More

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