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8 Car Seat Safety Secrets

Patricia, guest contributor Car seats are usually one of those things that you don’t pay too much attention to. When you buy a car, you wouldn’t really be too particular with the car seats. Most of the time, the state or the quality of the car seats wouldn’t be a…Read More

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What makes kids successful? It begins with a G …

The saying goes like this: Look into the future and you’ll find the A-students of today … working for the B-students … at companies owned by C-students. Whether that’s accurate or not, here’s the point: Intelligence isn’t the indicator of success. So what is? It’s grit, says psychologist Angela Lee…Read More

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Keeping kids calm during stormy weather

Hello, Ed here again. Yesterday’s devastating tornado in Oklahoma is a somber reminder of the power and fury a storm conjure up. Storms can be a scary experience, but this is especially true for children who don’t understand what is happening or are afraid of the lightning and thunder. Even…Read More

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Bicycle safety tips for kids

Hello, this is Ed Holpfer with the Better Kids Institute. The weather is finally turning warmer and kids everywhere are hopping back onto their bikes to ride through the neighborhood. It is a great source of exercise and fun, but it can also be dangerous if you and your kids…Read More

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