Why We're the Best in the Orleans Area

Orleans Martial Arts

The focus of our Orleans martial arts school is on character development, physical fitness, and self-defense, rather Extremely hot gangbang free porn video part1than fighting. Our overarching goal is in building our student’s self-esteem and confidence.

As soon as you become a martial arts student at John Leroux's World KarateFIT Centre, you join a community that works together toward:

  • Better focus and concentration
  • Greater self-discipline and mental toughness
  • Improved strength, stamina, and flexibility
  • Personal safety and competency in self-defense

… and, most importantly, increased self-confidence.

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In addition, with the explosion of social media and online games, we also emphasize the development of social, interpersonal, and anti-bullying skills that are so critical to success in life.

It’s a tough world out there and we see our job as helping our Orleans martial arts students become more competent in dealing with life’s challenges.

Programs For All Ages

We have martial arts programs for all ages, but our specialty is in working with children and families.

For children, our emphasis is on character development, social skills, and physical fitness.

For adults, we focus on the mental and physical benefits of martial arts, including:

  • Stress relief and increased energy
  • Improved flexibility, mobility, and balance
  • Increased muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness
  • Maintenance of a healthy weight

Self-defense is a component of all martial arts training, no matter what the style (e.g., karate, taekwondo, kung fu, jiu jitsu). Certainly, that’s the case at John Leroux's World KarateFIT Centre. However, we always balance that with instruction on personal safety awareness, anti-bullying skills, and seeking alternatives to conflict.

Join Our Community At John Leroux's World KarateFIT Centre

For us at John Leroux's World KarateFIT Centre, the practice of martial arts means respecting each other, encouraging and supporting each other, and celebrating each other’s successes.

While our professional martial arts instructors are experts at teaching the physical elements of our sport, they’re also committed to developing the whole-person potential of each student and instilling that same commitment among all our students bombtechgolf.com.

We hope you become a Orleans martial arts student at John Leroux's World KarateFIT Centre.

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